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The North American Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Research Society Is now located in York, Pennsylvania.

All investigations are kept on file, Names & Locations are kept confidential to protect the Building, Cemetery, etc. Unless told we could use it. (the reason for this is simple for Example: if I would name a cemetery then everyone would go to this same one and before you know it is being vandalized, people are throwing beer bottles around and neighbors are complaining, next thing you know, no one is allowed in this area again. any serious Investigator has ran into this time & time again.)
All Information on our files are accurate and true and have been witnessed by credible people who have conducted the investigations. If you have a place you want us to investigate please contact us 

We will conduct a professional investigation and give you honest results from our evaluation of the investigation. Remember not all things said to be unexplainable are. In most cases there is a reasonable explanation for it and in a few there are not.

If You Are Expericening Any Paranormal Phenomena Please Contact Us
 All Information Is Kept Strictly Confidential.
Scott Ditmer
(717) 318-6935

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