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Electronic Voice Phenomena - (EVP)

Anyone can do evp and you dont need expensive equipment to do so.
If you have a tape recorder lying around that is good enough to start. Make sure you have brand new tapes to use.(30minute tapes minimum) This will eliminate any bleed thru on the tape, and if you have a external mic to use that will eliminate motor noise from the recorder. If your Tape Recorder has VOX or voice activation I dont recommend using this. In most cases it takes one word to set it off and most of the time you only get one word, so there you would have lost an EVP
Other types of recorders used are digital recorders this enables you to listen to your results right away compared to that of audio, where you must wait until the tape is done to listen to see if you have any results. Be sure to turn the volume up all the way, most of the time the voices are of that of a whisper and having your volume at a low or normal level you might miss one. This goes the same if you use a video camera be sure to turn your TV up all the way as well, you might be surprised and find you also picked some up on there as well.

Simple Techniques To Use

Rule number one and this is an important one when trying to get evp DONT TALK unless you are asking the spirits a question.
If you are going to talk wait until you are done recording evp. Remember you dont want anyone talking because you want to know for sure that what you got on tape is really an evp and not someone else in your group whispering or talking.
There are a couple methods you can use one. Place your recording devise somewhere ask a couple questions then walk off and take some pictures or investigate another area.
The other is walk around with the recording device and ask some questions.
Be sure to allow at least a minimum of 30 to 40 seconds before asking the next question. This will give them time to respond.
Dont worry if you dont get anything the first few times you do this. You will eventually and when you do it will be well worth the wait.
One thing that will not happen is that you will not stand at one place for 10mins at a time and walk away with dozen of EVPs like one group claims.

Below are a few examples

Have A Seat


Shut Up