The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings

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The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings

 About an hour north of New York City lies the Hudson Valley the events that would happen there over a five-year period are still a mystery to this day.
On New Years Eve just before midnight on Dec. 31, 1981 a series of sightings would begin to occur that would last until 1986 with as many as 5000 people from all walks of life reported seeing the V shape object. These sightings would also occur in neighboring Connecticut as far north as Brookfield, and as Far East as New Haven.
A few minutes before midnight, a retired police officer was out in his backyard in Kent, N.Y. when he observed a group of strange lights off to the south. They were colored White, Green and Red. His first thought was that they belonged to a plane that was in trouble, but as the object passed approximately 500 feet over his house he realized it was moving way too slow to be that of a plane, plus it made hardly any noise just that of a humming sound.
On March 26th, 1983, a front-page story in the Westchester-Rockland Daily Item read HUNDREDS CLAIM TO HAVE SEEN UFO
The article recounted the many sightings on March 24, about the UFO. This Got the attention of some researchers associated with the late Dr. J Allen Hynek, acclaimed scientist and founder of the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS).
They then began a thorough investigation into the sightings. They began by setting up a hotline for people to call about the sightings. Over 300 people called about the sighting on March 24. The descriptions of the V shape object were the same if not identical.
While most reports described the UFO moving at a very slow speed, hovering, or turning slowly like a wheel, a few reports described the object as suddenly zooming away at fantastic speeds, or just disappearing They were described as being larger than a football field with multicolored flashing lights. Most witnesses reported that it was a solid object made up of some type of very dark, gun-gray material the object seem to take on a Boomerang shape, but at times it also appeared circular. In some cases there were reports of the object being at two locations at the same time, suggesting there was more than one. That same evening the object apparently cruised over the community of Yorktown.
On the Taconic parkway people pulled over and some got out of their cars to watch the object as it slowly moved across the skies. One observer estimated it was "as large as an aircraft carrier."
One of the most unsettling reports that they received was from guards at the Indian Point Nuclear Plant. Where the UFO hovered over an active nuclear reactor coming as close to 30 feet from the reactor dome. The security supervisor at one point even considered having the object shoot down. One guard described it as being the length of over three football fields or 1000 feet long. Another observer witnessed the object over the Croton Falls Reservoir where it seemed to use a red beam to probe the surface.
Skeptics suggested that the sightings were nothing more then planes, satellites moving across the skies or the planet Venus. This was true in some of the cases the researchers also found evidence that some of the reports of the V shape object were that of a small group of planes flying out of the Stormville Airport in a deliberate attempt at a hoax.
However that only cleared up a small number of the reports. None of the observers who had seen both the planes and the object thought they were the same.
With all the information they had available they could only find one object that could mimic that of the reports they had on the UFO.
So they contacted all blimp operators and manufactures, and could find no cases of the blimps in any of the areas on the nights of the sightings.
These accounts and more were later documented in a book by Philip J. Imbrogno and the late Dr. J Allen Hynek titled Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings

Dr. J Allen Hynek 1910 - 1986