The Kecksburg, Pa. UFO Incident Petition Drive

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 (Posted with permission from Stan Gordon)

                  On March 3, 2003, Leslie Kean, an independent
                  journalist and research director of (CFI) Coalition
                  for Freedom ofInformation, and Larry Landsman,
                  Director, Special Projects of the SCI-FIChannel will
                  be arriving in Greensburg. Their visit coincides with
                  the launching of a statewide petition drive to put
                  pressure on the Pennsylvania congressional delegation
                  to request an investigation by the U.S. General
                  Accounting Office to investigate the December 9,1965
                  Kecksburg UFO incident.Both CFI and SCI-FI are
                  suppporting this effort, and have expressed that they
                  are determined to get answers as to what really
                  happened in 1965. It is most important however, that
                  we show our congressman that there is public interest
                  in wanting to know the truth about what happened at
                  Kecksburg.Many of you have been involved with UFO
                  research for years, and some of you have worked close
                  with me investigating the phenomena. I am asking for
                  your help and support in getting involved with this
                  petition drive. A new website has been designed where
                  the public will be able to sign the Kecksburg petition
                  on line, as well as copy off hard copies of the
                  petition to circulate around, get signed, and return
                  by mail to me. The website is called " The Kecksburg ,
                  PA UFO Incident Petition Drive." It can be found at
There is information about the Kecksburg incident on
                  the new website, as well as information about the
                  petition drive. The site will not be active until
                  Monday, March 3, 2003 to actually sign the petition. I
                  need your help in making the public aware of this
                  historic statewide petition drive. While the
                  signatures are targeted to PA residents, people
                  nationwide will 
                  also have an out of state option to show their support
                  as well. We need to get thousands of signatures.Please
                  get as many of your friends, relatives, and neighbors
                  to sign the petition. They may sign on line if they
                  wish.However a hard copy actually signed by people is
                  more effective. You can print out copies with space
                  for 100 signatures by clicking the tab to your left on
                  the website. When you have collected signatures, make
                  copies of your petitions and send the originals to me
                  at the address provided on the signature sheets.Talk
                  to your friends, relatives, co-workers about this
                  drive. Take the petition to your local clubs,
                  gatherings, parties.Ask permission of your town
                  libraries, community centers, churches,businesses to
                  post the petition, and arrange to return at the
                  appropriate time to collect it and mail it to me. Get
                  together with others and spend an afternoon (with
                  permission) at your local supermarket or mall
                  collecting signatures.Also, please email this
                  information to your friends,add it to any email lists
                  that you can, and link this
other websites.
                  Contact Pennsylvania media in your area such as
                  newspapers, magazines, radio talk shows, etc. and make
                  them aware of this effort. It is expected that there
                  will be some media coverage about this event, which
                  should hit the news on Monday, March, 3, 2002 to
                  coincide with the visit. Please let me know of what
                  coverage appears in your area, and I would appreciate
                  copies of any news items for my files.If for some
                  reason you are unable to obtain the hardcopies of the
                  petition, contact me, and I will send them to you.It's
                  up to the people of Pennsylvania to show their support
                  for this investigation. Be a part of history, and help
                  us solve the mystery of what fell near Kecksburg. Any
                  comments or suggestions are appreciated.Stan