Paranormal Pa Conference

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The 5th Annual Pennsylvania Paranormal Conference

May 06, 2006
at The
Railroad House Marietta,Pa.

This years Guest Speakers are

Frank Feschino Jr

Stanton Friedman

Lloyd Auerbach

Rosemary Guiley

Ed Okonowicz

Frank Feschino Jr: Flatwoods Monster Revisited – Frank Feschino provides new information and never before seen witness interview into the Flatwoods Monster incident.
Stanton Friedman: UFO’s - no threat to national security? A Flat Out Lie! – Recent uncovered documents reveal startling information that UFO’s maybe or may have been a threat to national security.
Lloyd Auerbach: Ghost Hunting and Parapsychology - A primer on the field of Parapsychology, where apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists fit in and their relation to psychic experiences/abilities in general (and why ghost hunters MUST know this stuff). 
Rosemary Guiley: The Ghosts of Angela Webb - The true and shocking account of a house in New Jersey that traps the doomed souls of its residents. Roaming about are the ghosts of a suicide, victims of accidents and untimely deaths – and a lustful ghost who likes to have sex with the living. Creepier than the Amityville Horror, this real-life case was made into a film, The Ghosts of Angela Webb, by independent filmmaker Karl Petry. Can the imprisoned ghosts ever be released?  Or will they linger forever in the invisible space of a country house, waiting to attack the living?
Ed Okonowicz: Behind the  Scenes Filming TLC’s Program on Possessed Possessions – Ed Okonowicz tells what it was like on the set of the program and  talks about the production, the people and the items, plus the ghosts on the  Queen Mary, where he stayed for three days

9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (doors open at 8:00 AM)

Door prizes and author book signings.

Seating is limited to 80 people, register early to reserve your seat. (No registrations will be taken at the door unless seating is available)

Cost: $100.00 per person (does not include dinner or ghost tours) no partial payments accepted.

Payments must be received no later than March 22, 2006

Conference Dinner option $25.00 per person (Chicken Breast Dinner, Dessert and one drink (non alcoholic)

Friday night event: Tales in the Dark ghost tour (3 hour driving tour by bus or van) ($48.00 per person)

Saturday night: Ghosts of Marietta walking tour after conference ends ($12.00 per person)

Send a check or money order to

Rick Fisher

109 South Second Street Apt. 2

Columbia, PA 17512