The Other Side Society

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The Other Side Society is a Society for all paranormal groups. It is network of groups working together no matter what their beliefs or opinions are. If questions need answered on photos. video, evp or equipment you can contact any member of the society. We will also act as a referral group contacting members when reports come in and forwarding that report to members in that area. Remember it is not about seeing how many investigations you can do or competing. It is working together. It is a society of professionals all willing to learn and work with each other. If you are interested in joining the society please submit your name and reason for joining. Membership in the Society is free



North American Ghost Hunters Society


South Jersey Paranormal Research

Capital Ghost Forum


Tri State Paranormal Research Group

Spring Spirit Seekers

Berks County Paranormal Association

Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society

Lebanon County Ghost Hunters

Lehigh Valley Ghost Hunters Society

Tri-State Paranormal Research

South Jersey Ghost Research

Jamie's Chicago Ghost Page


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